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I’m Eugene Cozac

I have experience in developing SPA using HTML5, CSS3, and ReactJS with a bunch of npms, TypeScript, Redux, and SSR (NextJS).

Senior Front End Developer

About me

A web programmer with extensive experience in ReactJS: Redux, React Hooks, SSR(NextJS), TypeScript, Storybook, React Form Hooks, React Testing Library, Jest, GraphQL.

Experienced in all stages of building web applications from gathering user requirements to production rollout and web app maintenance.

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HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind
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My Education & Experience

Over 10 years of development experience includes 5+ years of extensive experience as a React Developer.



2023 - now

Senior ReactJS Developer


Spearheaded the creation of a cutting-edge project utilizing Next.js 13, focusing on Server Components to enhance application performance and user experience. Continually innovated and enhanced the frontend architecture, contributing significantly to the project's success and aligning with GAN's strategic objectives in technology development;

2023 - 2023

Lead ReactJS Developer


Led the development of a groundbreaking intelligence platform covering Adversary, Credential, Malware, Vulnerability, and Marketplace Intelligence domains, enhancing Intel471's capabilities in threat detection and mitigation;

2022 - 2023

Senior ReactJS Developer

Shell Energy

Collaborate with a cross-functional team of developers and designers to develop and maintain responsive web applications using ReactJS, Redux, and other modern frontend technologies;

2021 - 2022

Senior React Developer

Citi Bank

Created React JS components using JSX, Followed Redux Architecture for unidirectional data flow, and manage your data in React and Make HTTP requests in React & Redux; Built reusable components with complex functionality covered by Unit Tests and End to End testing;

2020 - 2021

Senior React Developer


Developed Responsive Web pages that are interactive using JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, and NextJS also exclusively used React-Hooks to handle application life-cycle processes; Built custom components for own library consisting of Accordion, Filters, Dropdown, Carousel, Button, Checkbox, Input, Icons and etc;

2019 - 2020

Senior ReactJS Developer

KP Acoustics

Build from HTML5/CSS3 template to Full Stack MERN Dashboard - with authorization, user roles, CRUD, sort, pagination, invoicing, address book, ticket system events, and calendar; Implemented NPM packages for NodeJS: node mailer, passport, multer, bcrypt, sequelize, and babel; Used Middleware, Redux Promise, and Redux Thunk in the application to retrieve data from Back End and to also perform REST services;

2018 - 2019

Senior Front End Developer

LMAX Exchange

Implemented new features of JavaScript, which provides for the product database maintenance and customer settings adjustments of the product. Each of the features provides for coding HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, back-end code for interaction with the database in MongoDB;

2018 - 2018

Front End Developer


Developed for their internal app navigation, animation buttons, page layouts, and icons using a component-based library like ReactJS; Created an internal small dashboard of graphs (sales, revenues and etc) using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.js, D3.js, Handlebars, ExpressJS, and NodeJS;

2016 - 2017

Front End Developer

Samsung Research America

Worked with AngularJS structural framework for dynamic web apps and profound knowledge of concepts like Dependency Injection, Promises, Services, Scopes, Controllers, and Directives; Worked on JavaScript, Angular JS, jQuery, JSON, jQuery Template, XHTML, CSS3, and DOM scripting to create interactively web applications like message posting and autocomplete form validations.

2015 - 2016

Front End Developer

Kaiser Permanente

Professional created Templates, Web Interfaces, Layouts, Prototypes, and project layout skeletons using JavaScript, Lodash, and EmberJS; Applied Oriented Programming techniques to track UI components being added to DOM and to change the behavior of framework methods; Used Object Oriented Programming concepts to develop UI components and reused them across multiple Web Applications;

2014 - 2015

Web Developer


Implemented responsive UI layer utilizing semantic HTML5, SASS, Bootstrap, and REST API architecture while adhering to the latest web UI standards, design patterns, and best practices; Developed the E-commerce websites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WooCommerce, and hooks for Themes Tune;

2013 - 2014

Web Developer

Best4u Media B.V.

Created websites using HTML5, CSS3, Responsive (Bootstrap, SCSS), WordPress (ACF, WPML, Custom Post Type, Taxonomy); Designed and developed custom WordPress themes also multiple plugins, widgets, and hooks with PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, and jQuery;



2005 - 2009

BS in Computer Engineering

Technical University of Moldova

Building and assembling computing machines

2015 - 2017

MS in Computer Science

California Takshila University

Solving with algorithms and data structures

my skills

My Skills Areas

It's sort of hard for myself to evaluate my own knowledge and abilities, although I can give you an approximate representation of what my skills level looks like.


Latest Projects

These are my projects which I built in my free time, periodically I am adding more of them.


Past Experience

I have 7 years of experience in JavaScript and more overall 10 years of experience in Web Development.


For SSR I used NextJS and created dozens of custom npms for the internal NextJS Framework.


I've built more than two dozens of SPA applications on ReactJS.


I have experience in NoSQL such as MongoDB and SQL such as PostgreSQL.


Contact with me

You can easily drop me an e-mail or just send a phone message.

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Kidbrooke Village, SE3 9GU

London, UK

+44 7517453892


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